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Habbo Devlopment's Forum Layout

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PhpBB3 Habbo Devlopment's Forum Layout

Post by Corpse on Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:49 pm

This is the layout only (just the boxes buttons etc.. not background)
Habbo Devlopment's Forum Layout 5
Demo: http://habboemotion.com/resource/forumlayout/5preview.png
Download: http://habboemotion.com/resource/forumlayout/5.zip

The Backgound (The one used by Habbo Development)
Demo & Download: http://habboemotion.com/resource/images/homebgs/HC_royal.gif

99% Habbo Emotion - for providing the downloads and demo's
1% Corpse - for uploading them to the forum

these downloads may not be the downloads used by habbo development however and are more or less the same.

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