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Wow.. This place is up?

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PhpBB3 Wow.. This place is up?

Post by Impact on Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:37 pm

Lol, Its been years... I search around the internet... And wtf this place is still here! I'm amazed how it's changed since nobody has managed it and it has just ran smoothly? That's crazy I couldn't imagine this place even exsisting anymore I remember coming back once but couldn't get on my account but wow... Lol Corpse if you are reading this you've done loads sick mate! Add me on msn seanpricedavies@hotmail.com someone can have this place for free now I know it sucks but its a start off if anyone wants it just add me on MSN and ill accept you and you can have my Admin account I'm into vBulletin I started this forum when I was 9 Years old wtf Very Happy

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