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[Corpse] How To Make a Old Skool Hotel [Corpse]

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PhpBB3 [Corpse] How To Make a Old Skool Hotel [Corpse]

Post by Corpse on Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:08 pm

Step 1 - Winrar

Winrar is important because it will extract the server files so here is download link.

Winrar - http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar392.exe

Follow the installer.

Step 2 - Server

To make a old school retro you will need a server. The below link is a list of servers. Just pick one and download.

Server Download (Server List) - http://habbodevelopment.forumotion.com/oldschool-add-on-s-f7/

Once it opens up in winrar, make a folder on your desktop. Call it server or whatever. Then extract all the files in winrar to that folder on your desktop.

Next Open the folder and double click on the application.

It will then open the server. Remember the port it says.

Step 3 - Portforward or Hamachi

This step if to portforward or if you cannot portforward use hamachi.

Go to www.portforward.com and click on router list in the left corner. Press Ctrl + F and type in your router name/model or just scroll down and find it. It will then bring you to a page with a list of games/programs but look at the top and go to default guide.

Once on that page, follow that tutorial. When you are finished use www.canyouseeme.org to check if your port is open. If you are having troubles with portforwarding, ask for help or just use hamachi.

Go to https://secure.logmein.com/products/.../download.aspx and click the Conditions of Use box, and click Download now under unmanaged.

Follow the installer and hamachi should open. It should look like this.

Click the power button, type in your username and press ok. Then it should ask you whether you want to create a new network or join an existing one.

Click create a new one.
This box should pop up and just fill it out. Password is usually 123 for private servers. This will be the info that you give your users to join your hamachi networks.
After you have done that minimize hamachi.

Step 4 - Website

I recommend that you do not use piczo or webs unless you are very new to making websites.

Here is a list of sites with free hosting
Name: x10Hosting [Normal]
Site: http://www.x10hosting.com/
Space: 500 MB
Bandwidth: 1,000 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .x10hosting.com | .pcriot.com | .elementfx.com | .exofire.net | .co.cc | Your Domain

Name: HelioHost [Normal]
Site: http://www.heliohost.org/home/
Space: 250 MB
Bandwidth: 2,500 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .heliohost.org | .co.cc | Your Domain [Free domain reg]

Name: Host-Helpers [Normal]
Site: http://www.hosthelpers.com/
Space: 1,000 MB
Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .freecp.net | Your Domain

Name: Free-Web-Host.me [Normal]
Site: http://www.free-web-host.me/
Space: 3,000 MB [Request more]
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Adds: None
Subdomains: .200u.com | .201w.com | Your Domain

Name: HostAider [Normal | Post2Host]
Site: http://www.hostaider.com/
Space: 1,000 MB
Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .cphoster.com | .co.cc | Your Domain

Name: Free-Hostin [Normal | w/ adds | Post2Host]
Site: http://www.free-hostin.com/
Space: 1,000 MB
Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .free-hostin.com | .co.cc | Your Domain

Name: UltimateSiteHost [Normal]
Site: http://ultimatesitehost.com/
Space: 200 MB
Bandwidth: 5GB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .ultimatesitehost.com | Your Domain

Name: Free-Space [Normal | w/ adds]
Site: http://www.free-space.net/
Space: 200 MB
Bandwidth: 2GB
Adds: None
Subdomains: f-snet.com | Your Domain

Name: Qupis [Normal]
Site: http://www.qupis.com/
Space: 150 MB
Bandwidth: 5,000 MB
Adds: TextLink [Bottom]
Subdomains: .qupis.com | Your Domain

Name: HostCell [Normal | Post2Host]
Site: http://www.hostcell.net/
Space: 300 MB
Bandwidth: 5,000 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .hostcell.net | Your Domain

Name: MySitePages [Normal]
Site: http://www.mysitepages.com/
Space: 150 MB
Bandwidth: 2 GB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .sitepages.org | Your Domain

Name: IsMyWebsite [Normal]
Site: http://www.ismywebsite.com/
Space: 100 - 12,500 MB
Bandwidth: 1000 - 12,5000 MB
Adds: Buttons, iFrame[Placed by you]
Subdomains: ..ismywebsite.com | Your Domain

Name: Scan-Host [Normal | Post2Host]
Site: http://www.scan-host.net/
Space: 100 MB
Bandwidth: 10 GB
Adds: Banner
Subdomains: .scan-host.com | .scan-host.net

Name: ProfuseHost [Normal]
Site: http://www.profusehost.net/
Space: 100 MB
Bandwidth: 1000 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .chimehost.net

Name: Hostecs [Normal]
Site: http://www.hostecs.com/
Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Adds: None
Subdomains: clix5.com | .flexlenders.com .hostecs.net | .latematch.com | .nitevid.com | .quotefuse.com | .suredir.com | .surge5.com | .turnkeymania.com | .webcybers.com | .xhoster.net | .xoogs.com

Name: WebHosting For Free [Normal]
Site: http://webhosting-for-free.com/register/
Space: 100 MB
Bandwidth: 1,000 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .webhosting-for-free.com | Your Domain

Name: MxHost [Normal]
Site: http://www.mxhost.net/
Space: 25 MB
Bandwidth: 2000 MB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .mxhost.net | .xro.us

Name: 000webhost
Site: http://www.000webhost.com/
Space: 1500 MB
Bandwidth: 100 GB
Adds: None
Subdomains: .net16.net | Your Domain
Once you set up your hosting go to the file manager, and make a new file called index.html

In index.html input this loader and edit it.
HTML Code:
<object classid="clsid:166B1BCA-3F9C-11CF-8075-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/director/sw.cab#version=11,5,1,601" id="habbo" width="720" height="630">
<param name="src" value="http://loadervzla.webcindario.com/loader/dcrs/habbo.dcr">
<param name="swRemote" value="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='false' swPausePlay='false' swFastForward='false' swTitle='Habbo Hotel' swContextMenu='true' ">
<param name="swStretchStyle" value="none">
<param name="swText" value="">
<param name="bgColor" value="#000000">
<param name="sw6" value="use.sso.ticket=0">
<param name="sw6" value="external.texts.txt=http://loadervzla.webcindario.com/loader/var_texts/texts_eng.txt">
<param name="sw2" value="connection.info.host=hebbov6.sytes.net;connection.info.port=PUT PORT HERE">
<param name="sw4" value="connection.mus.host=PUT IP HERE;connection.mus.port=30001">
<param name="sw3" value="client.reload.url=http://*********.info/forum/">
<param name="sw1" value="site.url=http://www.habbohotel.co.uk;url.prefix=http://www.habbohotel.co.uk">
<param name="sw5" value="external.variables.txt=http://loadervzla.webcindario.com/loader/var_vars/vars_3d.txt">
<embed src="http://loadervzla.webcindario.com/loader/dcrs/habbo.dcr" bgColor="#000000" width="720" height="540" swRemote="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='false' swPausePlay='false' swFastForward='false' swTitle='Habbo Hotel' swContextMenu='true'" swStretchStyle="none" swText="" type="application/x-director" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/" sw6="external.texts.txt=http://loadervzla.webcindario.com/loader/var_texts/texts_eng.txt" sw2="connection.info.host=PUT IP HERE;connection.info.port=PUT PORT HERE" sw4="connection.mus.host=game.habbohotel.nl;connection.mus.port=30001" sw3="client.reload.url=http://alexgroup.webcindario.com/" sw1="site.url=http://www.habbohotel.co.uk;url.prefix=http://www.habbohotel.co.uk" sw5="external.variables.txt=http://loadervzla.webcindario.com/loader/var_vars/vars_3d.txt">
Once you have done that, your hotel should be up and running. All you have left to do is advertise.

warning whenever you want to go on your hotel you have to have your server running in the background.

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