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[Corpse Find] Habbo Home pictures [Corpse Find]

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PhpBB3 [Corpse Find] Habbo Home pictures [Corpse Find]

Post by Corpse on Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:47 pm

Hi everyone, i found some websites with habbo home stickers background etc....

Habbo Home Backgrounds
Description: Background that can be found under your Habbo Home
Demo: http://habboemotion.com/resource/images/homebgs
Download: http://habboemotion.com/resource/images/homebgs.zip

Habbo Home Stickers
Description: Stickers that can be found under your Habbo Home
Demo: http://habboemotion.com/resource/images/homestickers
Download: http://habboemotion.com/resource/images/homestickers.zip


Habbo Emotion -99%- For the actually stuff and uploading it to there website.
Corpse -1%- for finding them and uploading them to HabboDevelopment.

Corpse Find

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