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Forum Competion!

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PhpBB3 Forum Competion!

Post by Impact on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:53 pm

We Need A Small Image... Something To Fit The Whos Online Part And I Have Decided I Want It As Smart As Possible So Heres A Competion For You, But To Make This Competion Bigger And Better And Also A Official Forum Competion With A Legend Rank Involved!

This Rank Is Member+

So All You Gotta Do It Try And Get A Image To Fit The Whos Online Part Post Yours Competion Entrys Under Here...

Please Do Not Post If Its A Question It Is Most Likely To Be In This Thread Explaining How The Competion Works.

We Need It A Size Like The Old One With Frank Cleaning The Hc Badge Thats The Perfect Size For The Whos Online Space So Please Post Your Entrys And I Will Give You Results Next Wednesday Afternoon Smile

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