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PhpBB3 Habbo Development News

Post by Impact on Sun May 02, 2010 8:00 pm

We Have A Offical Fansite It Was Purely Made By Impact, I Would Like To Say Thanks To Jordan And Cheeze For Helping With The Radio Code Though, There Is 1 More Page Needing To Be Added And It Will Be Added Very Soon Im Just Working On Some Extra Stuff, Apply To Become DJ On The Forums Or Fansite Now, We Have Finished Text Under Catagorys Thank God.
If You Wanna Help Retro Development It Would Be Much Apprecieted http://habbodevelopment.forumotion.com/donate.forum Then We Could Get A Domain Name And Many More And Make The Adverts Go As They Get A Pain In The Arse, The Donation Benifits Is A Badge And A Rank Some Extra Forum Catagorys And Also A Coloured Name!

Thanks For Reading

Donations Link: http://habbodevelopment.forumotion.com/donate.forum
Fansite Link: http://www.habtonmotel.pcriot.com/

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